Escape from the Shrouded Fen

What happens when a demon dies?

Fen Cover

Oozing, scalding, deathblood floods the land, cursing it forevermore. Every seventeen years, the blood moon rises and the Fog Beast beckons villagers into the Shrouded Fen; those that follow never return. Now you have been chosen! Seeking ancient ruins, vast treasure, and arcane lore, you plunge deep into the mist-laden swamp. Plants impale corpses ravaged by man-eating birds, while specters of past victims roam the blood-cursed land. A mysterious floating portal defies entry, though the bog’s hidden artifacts are rumored to provide the key. Can you solve the riddles of the swamp and escape from the Shrouded Fen?

A 112 page digest-sized DCC adventure from Terry Olson that contains:

An additional 61 page letter-sized PDF appendix featuring:

Carnival Cover

Adventure in the deadly fen awaits!

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