Character Generators: Lucky Sign Variants

When you create characters using the 0-level and Upper Level character generators, you can choose from a variety of methods for how your character's Lucky Sign is applied. Lucky Signs effect a specific stat or ability, but the variant options listed below change how those modifications work.

Standard DCCRPG Rulebook

The stat or ability associated with the PC's Lucky Sign is modified by the luck modifier rolled up during character creation. If your modifier is zero, the Lucky Sign will have no impact on the PC. And even though it's a 'lucky sign', if you have a negative luck modifier, the impact on your stat or ability will be anything but lucky!

Augur Toggle

If the character's luck modifier is zero, the Lucky Sign is omitted alltogether since no stats or abilities are affected.

Ray of Light

The Lucky Sign is always lucky! This option ignores the Luck modifier completely, and a +1 modifer is applied to the appropriate stat or ability regardless of the character's luck modifier.

Super Ray of Light

The Lucky Sign is always lucky! This option either applies the luck bonus, or a +1 modifer, whichever is higher.


Similar to the Ray of Light variant, this option only applies a mod if the Luck bonus is positive. The Lucky Sign itself is always listed, however, even if there is no helpful mod, since judges can use the Sign for various campaign related (story) purposes.

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