Character Generators: Occupation List Descriptions

When you create characters using the 0-level and Upper Level character generators, you can choose from a variety of occupation sources. They consist of job titles, starting weapons, trade goods, and (occasionally) funky weapons and races that give the campaign an individual flavor.

You can learn more about the various occupation below, and if you're a judge, find out how you can create specific to your campaign to be included in the generator!

Standard Occupation

DCCRPG Rulebook

The beloved list found on page 22 of the Dungeon Crawl Classics rulebook: the one that started it all. Discover the joys of beginning your adventuring life as a fearless Cheesemaker or Halfling Chicken Butcher! The list that taught us all the meaning of Gong Farmer.

DCCRPG Rulebook (Humans)

The standard list with with all those pesky non-humans removed.

User Occupation

The found below have each been submitted by users like you. The process is fairly simple, so if you have an occupation list of your own, or own a product with a list that is not included, follow the instructions found here to create and submit one.

If you are a publisher with the list that requires special rules, depending on the complexity of the changes and my health at any particular moment, I might be able to accommodate the list. Just contact me and I'll let you know.

DCC Adventures/Sourcebooks

These come from officially published 'DCC Compatible' adventures and sourcebooks.

Chained Coffin (Michael Curtis)

Found on page 7 of the Chained Coffin: Sour Springs Hollow zero-level adventure, the list illustrates that life in the Shudder Mountains is rustic and that the residents are largely self-reliant. As such, PCs starting in the backwoods have access to a limited variety of occupations, including farmers, musicians, and witch liquor boot-legger's assistants!

Chained Coffin, Humans (Michael Curtis)

The Chained Coffin: Sour Springs Hollow list with non-humans removed to preserve an Appalachian feel.

Frozen in Time (Michael Curtis)

For judges wishing to use “Frozen in Time” as a zero-level funnel, or to begin a campaign set amongst the primitive lands of the Forlorn North. The careers are specially tailored to reflect occupations commonly found in Neolithic-level societies. The list assumes that the PCs are part of a largely homogenized clan of barbarians and therefore demi-humans are less likely to be members of the tribe.

Dying Earth

(This occupation list allows you to create characters using the list from the Dying Earth sourcebook, but doesn't include the special Dying Earth rules: that will come with time!) The Dying Earth is a fictional future set in the distant twilight of the earth, as the dim red sun sheds its last life. At the end of the world, magic is indistinguishable from technology. Bickering magicians squabble over supernatural treasures, their minds filled to bursting with as many complex magical formulations as they can memorize, and they employ the services of strange creatures to best their rivals. (Compiled by John McCulloch)

Beyond the Silver Scream (Forrest Aguirre)

Players begin as high school kids in the mid-'70s - early-'80s who go to the local seedy theater to catch the premiere of the new horror flick "Screaming Sorority Girls from Planet Playtex". But the horror isn't confined to the screen! And the special-effects are all-too-real! (Compiled by Joe England)

Goblins of the Faerie Wood (Daniel Bishop)

Goblins of the Faerie Wood offers a short adventure location and two goblin character classes. This information can be used and re-used in a normal campaign setting, and is a perfect addition for the Faerie Tales from Unlit Shores series published by Purple Duck Games.

Death Slaves of Eternity (Marzio Muscedere)

A zero-level swords and sorcery adventure. It is said even the boldest of heroes cower when madness sits the throne, and in the perilous and lurid city-sate of Hazruun the Vile - its sultan is indeed mad. For when the body of his only son and heir is found purple and lifeless, strangled in a back alley drinking den - it is decreed all must pay for the crime.

Are you able to plumb the hidden mysteries of the grave, unlock its dreaded secrets and abominable lore? Do you possess the strength and courage to battle your way back into the light? Or are you doomed to spend the remainder of your pitiful lives as death-slaves of eternity… (Compiled by Joshua Macy)

Drongo Ruins of the Witch Kingdoms (Mark Hunt)

In Mark Hunt's sourcebook, your PC once worked at an ordinary 'modern' job until that fateful day when they were whisked away to the far-off world of Drongo. Your PC only has the knowledge and skills of their former occupation and the clothes on their back as they struggle to discover a way home.

The list also contains two new races (Hawken and Simian) native to Drongo, and determines a physical trait, region of Earth where you came from, and the year you were whisked away. (1850 to today: the era effects your stats.)

Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure

Enjoy sword and sorcery style play, in this "High octane meatgrinder". Brutal, epic, and weird!

Find out more about the races of Hubris. (Compiled by Mike Evans)

Opossumen! (Sunken City)

Opossumen are found sprinkled throughout the Sunken City Adventures. They are a degenerate lot, but for some players the rustic allure of running such earthy worthies as player characters is too strong to resist. Experience the joys of running an Opussuman Chicken-Thief or Chief-Chair!

Tales from the Fallen Empire

1OO years have passed since Mankind revolted and slew the Sorcerer Kings of old… Now, the survivors of seven kingdoms begin to start new lives and hopes on the ashes of old. However, even as life continues, an ancient and forgotten evil stirs awaiting its moment to strike against mankind. Occupation for the Keshite and Najambi are included from James Carpio's amazing sourcebook! (Compiled by John Grigsby)

Tourney Styles

Though these 'tourney' can work for normal campaign settings, they are particularly suited to 'next serf up' style tourney play.

DCC Tourney Standard (Harley Stroh)

A large list of occupations that includes a wide array of traditional medieval and city-based vocations.

Earthmen on Purple Planet (Harley Stroh)

An eclectic crowd-sourced list of Earthly travelers plucked from many time-periods to die in the grim arenas of the Purple Planet!

Punjar (Harley Stroh)

Harley Stroh's massive list of urban occupations from the various districts of the great corrupt city of Punjar!

DCC 'Zines

Occupation spawned in DCC's thriving 'Zine culture

Black Powder, Black Magic

One hundred wild-west, dark territory occupations from Stormlord Publishing's 'zine of six guns and sorcery. (Compiled by Nathan Panke).

Crawling Under a Broken Moon

An occupation and equipment list of total post-apocalyptic fury from Reid San Filippo's Crawling Under a Broken Moon. Includes robots, mutants, engineers, and accountants of every stripe! (Compiled by Kevin Searle).

DCC Community

These are created by individual judges for their campaigns.

Anomalous Subsurface

A list inspired by Wetmore's Anomalous Subsurface environments, particularly suited for Jack's Deformed stat generation method. (Compiled by John Carr).

Empire of the Petal Throne

Beginning peasants that will work well in the world of Tékumel, the incredible work of imagination by Professor M.A.R. Barker. (Compiled by Scott Kellog).


Science Fantasy in a world where the Super Number One Food Tower and the far-flung strangeness of Yoon-Suin coexist. (Compiled by Andrew Trent).

Freeport Steampunk

A campaign set in a modified version of Freeport City of Adventure, with elements of steampunk from the Iron Kingdoms setting as well. (Compiled by Mike Schmidt/Raskin Tellidar).

Jez' Twisted Wonderland

A completely insane list of bizarre occupations crowd-sourced by the the one and only Jez Gordon. Doesn't everyone want to be a Sweat-Milker or Lard-Slapper?

Kraken Island

A campaign located in an ancient Mediterranean-style world on an island once part of the huge empire that has now fallen. (Compiled by Daniel Stack).

Port Vogie

Created for the Secrets of Ronan Skerry convention games! (Compiled by Strange Quark).

Scourge of the Barrowmaze

A campaign drawn mostly from the Barrowmaze mega-dungeon, but wtih occasional side-trips for fresh air. (Compiled by Noah Stevens).

Space Dungeon

Space Dungeon is a light-hearted/horror romp for tomb-raiders, prospectors, and last-ditch wannabes on the burial world of Nebulmor in the far-reaches of the Galactic Funnel. (Compiled by Noah Stevens).

Stranger Crawl Classics

Edgar Johnson's homage to Stranger Things using the magic of Dungeon Crawl Classics!

Teens out of Time

It's the late-80s/early-90s; high school was murder! Use this funnel to serve The Breakfast Club as a monster meal. (Compiled by Legion McRae).

Trailer Park Shark Attack!

(Note: This list contains a few modestly 'spicy' occupations and trade goods). The trailer park is flooded with sharks! Can you survive? Pick a character at random. If you get chewed in half by a shark, pick another ‘Parker and keep playing. (Compiled by David Clarkson with permission from the adventure creator Karl Keesler).

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