0-Level Party Generator: Campaign Specific Occupations

Judges, would you like the 0-level Party Generator to create characters based on an occupation list specific to your campaign?

Here’s what I’ll need from you: (Just send your info to info@purplesorcerer.com)

1) List of occupations (text file attachment or included in email)

Simply open up your text editor and create a list of occupations with three pieces of information on each line separated by commas: Occupation name, weapon, trade good. The list can be of any length! Try to keep the occupation names, weapon names, and good descriptions at reasonable lengths. The script will shrink the space between letters to fit longer items, but can only go so far! Shoot for under 20 characters for occupation names, and under 35 characters for goods.

As an example, here are three occupations from the Opossuman list:

Opossuman chicken thief,Club,Chicken
Opossuman hole-digger,Club,Old shovel
Opossuman noble,Hammer (as club),Velvet bathrobe

Don’t include any ‘superfluous commas’ in your names; there should only be the two between the items of the list. (Use parentheses and dashes instead.)

List of possible weapons

You must spell/capitalize them as listed for the generator to recognize them:
Dagger, Axe, Staff, Dart, Spear, Blackjack, Blowgun, Crossbow, Flail, Garrote, Handaxe, Javelin, Lance, Longbow, Longsword, Mace, Polearm, Shortbow, Short sword, Sling, Two-handed sword, Warhammer.

If you want to have a strange weapon name (such as a Razor for a barber), you’ll need to add an “(as weapon)” to the weapon description, such as in the Opossuman noble description above. Here’s the list of “as weapons” you can use (though for 0-level characters you’ll likely want to keep to the first six.)

(as club)
(as dagger)
(as axe)
(as staff)
(as dart)
(as spear)

(as blackjack)
(as blowgun)
(as crossbow)
(as flail)
(as garrote)
(as handaxe)
(as javelin)
(as lance)
(as longbow)
(as longsword)
(as mace)
(as polearm)
(as shortbow)
(as short sword)
(as sling)
(as two-handed sword)
(as warhammer)

2) Trade Goods

If you’d like to have a unique list of trade goods associated with the occupations, just include a list in the following format:

Bottle of rum (1sp)
Bottle of Wine (3sp)
Chain 30’ (30gp)
Coal 3lbs. (3sp)
Eye patch (2cp)
Fishing rod (1sp)

If you wish to have the trade good add some sort of armor bonus, put the armor bonus wrapped in brackets at the start of the line:

[2]Thick hide coat (5gp)

Avoid items names that are too long (above 35 characters), or there might be issues with the text fitting in the available space.

Core Occupation List from DCC Rulebook

For reference sake, here is the core occupation list.

Alchemist,Staff,Oil (1 flask)
Animal trainer,Club,Pony
Armorer,Hammer (as club),Iron helmet
Barber,Razor (as dagger),Scissors
Beadle,Staff,Holy Symbol
Beekeeper,Staff,Jar of honey
Blacksmith,Hammer (as club),Steel tongs
Butcher,Cleaver (as axe),Side of beef
Caravan guard,Short sword,Linen (1 yard)
Cheesemaker,Cudgel (as staff),Stinky cheese
Cobbler,Awl (as dagger),Shoehorn
Confidence artist,Dagger,Quality cloak
Cooper,Crowbar (as club),Barrel
Costermonger,Knife (as dagger),fruit
Cutpurse,Dagger,Small chest
Ditch digger,Shovel (as staff),Fine dirt (1 lb.)
Dwarven apothacarist,Cudgel (as staff),Steel vial
Dwarven blacksmith,Hammer (as club),Mithril (1 oz.)
Dwarven blacksmith,Hammer (as club),Mithril (1 oz.)
Dwarven chest-maker,Chisel (as dagger),Wood (10 lbs)
Dwarven herder,Staff,Sow
Dwarven miner,Pick (as club),Lantern
Dwarven miner,Pick (as club),Lantern
Dwarven mushroom-farmer,Shovel,Sack
Dwarven rat-catcher,Club,Net
Dwarven stonemason,Hammer (as club),Fine stone (10 lbs)
Dwarven stonemason,Hammer (as club),Fine stone (10 lbs)
Elven artisan,Staff,Clay (1 lb.)
Elven barrister,Quill (as dart),Book
Elven chandler,Scissors (as dagger),Candles (20)
Elven falconer,Dagger,Falcon
Elven forester,Staff,Herbs (1 lb.)
Elven forester,Staff,Herbs (1 lb.)
Elven glassblower,Hammer (as club),Glass beads
Elven navigator,Shortbow,Spyglass
Elven sage,Dagger,Parchment and quill pen
Elven sage,Dagger,Parchment and quill pen
Farmer,Pitchfork (as spear),Hen
Farmer,Pitchfork (as spear),Hen
Farmer,Pitchfork (as spear),Hen
Farmer,Pitchfork (as spear),Hen
Farmer,Pitchfork (as spear),Hen
Farmer,Pitchfork (as spear),Hen
Farmer,Pitchfork (as spear),Hen
Farmer,Pitchfork (as spear),Hen
Farmer,Pitchfork (as spear),Hen
Fortune-teller,Dagger,Tarot deck
Gongfarmer,Trowel (as dagger),Sack of night soil
Grave digger,Shovel (as staff),Trowel
Grave digger,Shovel (as staff),Trowel
Guild beggar,Sling,Crutches
Guild beggar,Sling,Crutches
Halfling chicken butcher,Handaxe,Chicken meat (5 lbs.)
Halfling dyer,Staff,Fabric (3 yards)
Halfling dyer,Staff,Fabric (3 yards)
Halfling glovemaker,Awl (as dagger),Gloves (4 pairs)
Halfling gypsy,Sling,Hex doll
Halfling haberdasher,Scissors (as dagger),Fine suits (3 sets)
Halfling mariner,Knife (as dagger),Sailcloth (2 yards)
Halfling moneylender,Short sword,5 gp 10 sp 200 cp
Halfling trader,Short sword,20 sp
Halfling vagrant,Club,Begging bowl
Healer,Club,Holy water (1 vial)
Herbalist,Club,Herbs (1 lb.)
Herder,Staff,Herding dog
Hunter,Shortbow,Deer pelt
Hunter,Shortbow,Deer pelt
Indentured servant,Staff,Locket
Jester,Dart,Silk clothes
Jeweler,Dagger,Gem worth 20 gp
Locksmith,Dagger,Fine tools
Mendicant,Club,Cheese dip
Mercenary,Longsword,Hide armor
Merchant,Dagger,4 gp 14 sp 27 cp
Miller/baker,Club,Flour (1 lb.)
Noble,Longsword,Gold ring worth 10 gp
Orphan,Club,Rag doll
Outlaw,Short sword,Leather armor
Ropemaker,Knife (as dagger),Rope (100’)
Scribe,Dart,Parchment (10 sheets)
Shaman,Mace,Herbs (1 lb.)
Slave,Club,Strange-looking rock
Smuggler,Sling,Waterproof sack
Squire,Longsword,Steel helmet
Squire,Longsword,Steel helmet
Tax collector,Longsword,100 cp
Trapper,Sling,Badger pelt
Trapper,Sling,Badger pelt
Urchin,Stick (as club),Begging bowl
Weaver,Dagger,Fine suit of clothes
Wizard’s apprentice,Dagger,Black grimoire
Woodcutter,Handaxe,Bundle of wood
Woodcutter,Handaxe,Bundle of wood
Woodcutter,Handaxe,Bundle of wood