Adventure: Corpse World of the Carrion King

An Instant Action Adventure for twelve 1/2-level or six 1st level characters

A band of the recently dead wake in a place of madness, stranded on a mountain-sized corpse floating in the mists of no-time. Fighting for a second chance at life, they must piece together the insane babblings of the shattered souls they encounter to find a gate rumored to offer escape back to the world of the living. But echo’s of the violence that first claimed them reverberate in this new place, finding new forms to strike at the characters! Sacred warriors emerge from beyond the veil to reap the unworthy, and demonic whirlwinds threaten to carry the unwary into the endless darkness beyond the mist!

Does the party dare accept the assistance of a deranged peddler/gong farmer, whose price is as steep as it is bizarre? But such sacrifices might be necessary, for a dark name plays on the lips of every mad refugee in this place: The Carrion King, and you can sense the presence of this dread necromancer drawing ever nearer, seeking to harvest this fresh batch of once-dead for purposes too dark to imagine!

Release Guestimate: my co-writer on this one has had the temerity of getting incredibly successful in the world of animation, while also building a beautiful young family that occupies most of his free time... so it may be a while before we get back to this one!