Adventure: Nebin Pendlebrook's Perilous Pantry

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CoverThe tiny village of Bitterweed Barrow is unaccustomed to mysterious tunnels, missing halflings, or the need for brave adventurers, but now it has all three! Can a band of gong-farmers and shoe-cobblers muster the courage to descend into the darkness and confront the terror that waits beyond Nebin Pendlebrook’s unexpectedly perilous pantry?


Designed to be completed in a single furious session, this Instant Action 0-Level Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure drops your players into peril straight away. Dangerous foes, wicked traps, and ancient secrets await!


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About the Author

One afternoon while strolling through a local bookstore, Mark Bishop's daughter picked up the D&D Red Box set and asked, “Hey dad... what’s this?” That innocuous question triggered long-forgotten memories of Mark's younger days: rainy afternoons scarfing pizza while rolling funny-looking dice and delivering critical hits to treacherous gelatinous cubes. He soon taught his daughters and their friends how to play, eventually finding himself running RPGs at the local gaming stores and conventions. Dungeon Crawl Classics reminds him of the game he first fell in love with, and has inspired him to create an adventure which rekindles those feelings from so long ago. He lives in east-central Kentucky with his wife, two daughters and their two cats, Kirk and Spock.

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