2017 Free Tools Pledge Drive

The 2017 Free Tools Pledge Drive Has Been A Smashing Success!

We raised almost $3900! The funds have purchased two new mobile testing devices, will cover many basic costs to run the servers the tools run on, and most critically, will allow me to replace the aging MacBook required to work in the Mac/iOS world... thank you, thank you!

Over the next couple days I'll determine the prize winners, contact folks about adventure download codes, and arrange polls for the dev goals that will need pledgee input (the new character sheets and 3rd party classes). There will soon be a flurry of messages as I begin to wrap things up!

I'm excited to begin work on the Mutanteer's MultiTool and other cool new utilities that will be added to the Purple Sorcerer Site. As mentioned, I hope to complete most of the things this summer, but depending on my health, it might take longer. It will all get done, but sometimes my body enforces a more leisurely pace...

Thank you one and all for your incredible support: those who generously gave, those who provided incredible treasures, and those who did both! You truly make the tools possible.


Goal #1... met! ($400 for basic maintenance) I'll be adding three additional character sheet styles to the generator... Thank you!
Goal #2... met! (Additional $400 to fill out device testing pool) I'll be creating a powerful DCC monster generator! Thank you!
Goal #3... met! (Additional $400 to fill out device testing pool) I'll be adding a selection of 3rd party classes to the upper level generator!
Goal #4...KABOOM! Met! (Additional $1800 to replace MacBook) I'll now be creating a companion to the Crawler for MCC: The Mutanteer's MultiTool! Thank you!
Extra Goal #5... met at the last minute! ($1000 for better machine, new tools, etc) I'll be updating the 0-level party and upper level generators to streamline adding additional languages!
>>Read more about these development goals

Special Treasures

Those who donate most generously will be able to choose from this list of cool treasures. (I'll go from the top donor on down until they have all been chosen).

Random Prizes

Anyone whose donates $10 or more receives a free Purple Sorcerer Games adventure PDF of their choice (let me know in your RPGNow email address confirmation message or your PayPal message), (if you donate more than $35 you'll receive the complete lineup of Purple Sorcerer PDFs!).

If you give $10 or more you're also in the running for the following randomly distributed prizes:

Development Goals

As mentioned, the point of the drive is to support the development of the free tools. This year the 'big goal' is to raise enough funds to replace the aging laptop required to publish to the iTunes store. To encourage giving, I've developed the following 'Development Goals' of projects I'll add to the existing pool of tools as we reach various levels. I hope that I will be able complete all of these goals this summer, but depending on my health, this might represent my output for the next year. :)

Thank You!

I can't express how deeply I appreciate everyone's support: you truly have made it possible for me to continue pushing the DCC tools forward. I'm typing this on the iPad Pro that last year's drive helped purchase. (And on which all the current Crawler testing and work on the monster generator has occurred, along with much more!) The touch screen monitor, trackball, and wireless keyboard the drive purchased last year have been instrumental in making desktop work even possible for me! Building and refining these tools is a wonderful creative outlet during stretches that can be quite tough health-wise: I'm thrilled that many of you continue to find value in them. So thank you, one and all for your continuing support in helping make this all possible: I hope we have a very successful drive for 2017!