The Crawler's Companion Beta Testing

The legacy app store versions of the Crawler's Companion are no longer being developed. Increasingly, the iOS and Google Play app stores have grown less friendly to small/free/indy developers, with little support and ever-shifting requirements. Additionally, the tool used to build the legacy version of the Crawler is no longer supported. The future of the Crawler's Companion is the HTML version, which will be arriving soon. It runs in any modern browser, and incorporates all the functionality of the old version, and more! (And will be far, far earier to update and maintain!)

I'm still happy to have folks signed up to Beta List, as updates should actually be arriving far more frequently than before. With major updates, I'll simply direct testers to a new test page to point their browsers at, without the need to install additional apps or TestFlight for iOS.

So if you're still interested, just let me know!